Robert Putt


0870 Converter
Converts expensive to call non-geographic 0845 and 0870 numbers into lower cost geographic alternatives. Website is "serverless", static content is served up via S3 and CloudFront, backend API is powered by AWS API Gateway and Lambda with data stored in DynamoDB.

Python app constructed using Flask, SQLAlchemy and APScheduler which performs periodic testing of your internet connection and provides reporting within a web interface.

DNS over HTTPS Proxy
Python based proxy to use Google's DNS over HTTPS service as your resolver.

Minkeh Checker (retired)
Receive email notifications when Minky M Cloths are in stock on the Minky website. As the stock availability issues of Minky M Cloth has improved this project is now redundant, hence retirement.

Plymouth Internet of Things
Expanding TheThingsNetwork and IoT adoption in Plymouth, UK.