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0870 Converter


Website and Android App providing local rate alternatives for UK national rate 0845, 0870 and free phone 0800 numbers which are often much more expensive to call than their local rate counterparts depending on your call plan.

Android App: Google Play Store

Key Facts

  • Featured in The Independent's Top 15 apps to save students money
  • Approximately 2,000 unique visitors a month
  • 60% of web visitors from mobile devices
  • Over 1,000 installs of Android App
  • Monthly AWS bill around $3.50 (super cheap)
  • Typically busiest at beginning / end of month
  • Architecture

  • Utilises the AWS Serverless Stack
  • Data stored in DynamoDB
  • Lookups made using API Gateway + Lambda function
  • HTML, Javascript & other static files hosted in S3 bucket
  • Static content served over CloudFront CDN
  • No servers or VMs to manage / patch etc...