YouTube Activates Small Creator Kill Switch

As many YouTube fans have noticed your favourite creators are getting more and more vocal about last years "adpocolypse" when YouTube beefed up their video content requirements for their advertising program and thought it was a bit grim, particularly for smaller creators. However today's terms update pretty much kills off the encouragement for very small and new creators. Of course someone just starting out isn't going to pull in the big bucks in advertisement revenue, but seeing even just a few dollars trickle in over several months can give the drive and direction to keep pushing and making content, however today YouTube announced small and new creators (less than 4,000 view minutes in the last 12 months and less than 1,000 subscribers) will be removed from their partnership program and demonetized.

I am one of these small "creators" not that I like to call myself a creator, there is nothing creative about it, I just upload video clips from my personal game play when something interesting happens like a virtual pilot having an arguement with virtual air traffic control on Flight Sim. Although these videos seem to pull in a modest amount of views my subscriber count is mega low, to be exact my viewing stats for the last year are 34,854 minutes, not bad for rough cut gameplay footage I upload. Of course, this generates next to no revenue, but it's nice to get even just $30 back annually for taking a few hours out every so often to upload the clips... However from February this stops as although my view minutes are way above the minimum requirements I simply do not have enough subscribers.

Whilst I have no ambitions to make it big in the world of YouTube I can imagine this policy being a real turn off for people who genuinely want to make a go of being an online content creating video wizard or whatever their job title is. This move seems to be a clear indication YouTube no longer cares about the little guys and just want to work with the big mainstream YouTubers, effectively ripping the whole foundations out of the YouTube concept that "anyone can upload a video and share it with the world". The biggest concern is these changes may lead to the thought "Why try making a viral video that might go big one day, when your account can't even be considered for monetisation?". Of course this thought process is massively damaging for the platform, less incentive == less content, less content == less awesome stuff for us to watch.

I would suggest having a mass exodus from YouTube to another platform or even to individual creator sites, however I know this isn't going to be possible as people are so attached to the platform, however it seems these days YouTube is less about an awesome video community and more about corporate policies, the big guys and controlling content, which sucks.

You can see the email summary of the policy update below...

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